Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I feed my dog?

The amount you feed your dog is based on their age, health and activity levels. Check out our Feeding Guide and Contact Us to discuss in more details.


How do I know the ideal weight for my pet?

Due to the increase of breeds being crossed, it is difficult to determine an ideal body weight for pets as there are no breed standards to work from for cross breeding. We then make reference to the Body Condition of the pet. Please refer to our Body Condition Score Chart to see where your pet currently sits. We can work with you and your vet to improve their body condition score.


What are the benefits of feeding a natural diet? 

Read about the many benefits here...


Why should I feed natural when my vet recommends Biscuits?

A Natural diet, like what we offer at The Natural Pet Food Company, replicates a diet that is Biologically appropriate to your pet. We supply meals, which your pet’s digestive system is designed to breakdown to achieve a balanced diet. Vets recommend biscuits because it is time-consuming to achieve a balanced Natural Diet for your pet. A good quality biscuit recommended by your vet is the “lesser of two evils” when it comes to feeding dry food. Please refer to our “Benefits of a Natural Diet” and “Natural v Kibble” Charts for more information.


If Biscuits are not great for my pet, why were they made?

Dog Biscuits were made for sailors. A dried biscuit that does not go off quickly so sailors didn’t starve during their travels and throughout World War I. The sailors hated them so much that as soon as they arrived in port, they threw them overboard, a free for all of the starving dogs that took what they could find. A globe salesman witnessed this and after World War I with the huge amount of manufacturing equipment, wheat and grains and poverty left over from the war, it was a cheap and easy way for people to feed their pets and for him to capitalize on it. Biscuits were not made for nutritional value for your pet; they were a moneymaking opportunity. Check out this short video on how to read a pet food label. 


If there are no preservative in your treats, how long do they last?

Because our treats are all natural and with no preservatives, we suggest storing them in a cool and dry location for up to 1 year.


Some Raw feeders don’t add Vegetables into their pet’s diets, why do you?

A dog and cat are designed to eat prey, an animal caught in the wild. An animal is made up of meat, muscle, bone, offal and within their stomachs and intestines, fruit and vegetable matter. Those who feed the “Prey Diet” but don’t add vegetables and fruits and they are not feeding the stomachs of the animals they are not providing a true “prey diet”. We puree our fruit and vegetables and add Apple Cider Vinegar to replicate this fruit and vegetable matter in a way that your pet can digest and receive a truly balanced meal. Check out this pet oncology unit who recommend fruit and veg in a pet's diet and the cancers they help prevent! 


Can I feed my Pet just the Natural Meals?

Yes, you can as the chicken products have ground up chicken frames in them so you know they are getting the calcium they require. However, we do recommend adding chicken frames or other bones such as Kangaroo tails to their diet twice a week to give their teeth a good clean and polish naturally. Alternatively, if your dog will eat their meals frozen, this will give their teeth a clean too.


What Should I Expect During and After the transition to natural?

We can help you come up with a transition plan to minimize the shock to the system